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Demonstration 1:
Trans-Canada Trail Explorer: Myra Station to Penticton

This demonstration shows all the features of our first product release. Product features are the same for all our products. Content varies from product to product. Use the controls at the bottom to fast forward, rewind or pause the demo video as desired.

Demonstration 2:
Virtual Tour of Kettle Valley Railway from Myra Canyon to Penticton

Kettle Valley Railway Guide Virtual Tour of Trans-Canada Trail - Kettle Valley Railway from Myra Cancon to Penticton

Working with Trails BC , Virtual Outdoor Adventures has created a highly interactive route map for the 2008 Trans Canada Trail Challenge. The route followed the Kettle Valley Railway from Myra Station to Penticton.

The map includes detailed topological information and dynamic links to local businesses such as B&B's, hotels and wineries. Please feel free to use this as a FREE reference, or buy the DVD-ROM for the definitive guide.

Demonstration 3:
Interactive Virtual Tour of Stanley Park and Vancouver

Kettle Valley Railway Guide Vancouver Stanley Park Virtual Tour

This Online Virtual Tour provides a taster for the full DVD-ROM product. It illustrates the level of quality that can be achieved in an online virtual tour. Full 360-degree panoramas and textual descriptions are not implemented in this example, but there is no reason why these features canít also be included in an online product.

The application provides a fun way to explore Vancouver and Stanley Park. The controls are easy and intuitive. Below is a list of what you can do:

  • Pan around the map by clicking and dragging.

  • Zoom In/Out by using the mouse wheel or the zoom slider bar in the top left.

  • Roll over the icons to reveal pictures and information.

  • Click on the icons to "take you there".

  • The arrow keys at the top of some pictures mean there is more than one picture for that point.

  • Navigate from point to point (following real Stanley Park trails) using the arrow keys.

  • Some popups (such as businesses) have additional information and/or direct links to another website.

  • Click on the icons above the legend button to turn on/off the various icon symbols (helps you to de-clutter your Stanley Park map).

  • Click on the "Search Results" tab to type in text to search on. This enables you to find specific places in Stanley Park or Vancouver.

  • Click on the tabs in the right filmstrip to reveal categorized locations.

  • The Interactive Map window can be resized to taste.

  • Click on the thumbnails to take you there on the map.