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Introduction to VOA Web Design Services
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A Complete Website Design Service

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VOA Web design offers a full web site design service spanning from conception through to maintenance, and including ever stage in-between. The world of the internet can be very confusing for many people, and many would-be website owners are often bemused and perplexed by its complexity. In many cases, this is a big barrier to having the online presence that their business needs. Our aim at VOA web design is to ease our customers through this process, offering consultation and advice throughout at every stage of the development cycle.

No project is too big or too small for us. So if all you need is an existing page on your current website changing then that is fine. Conversely, if you want to build up a large online presence from zero then we can also do that. We will also set up a hosting plan and email accounts if that is required.

Our website design skill sets are broad, and we can therefore offer a multitude of different options for your website. These include CSS compliance, Graphical Design, Flash Presentations, Streaming Video, Search Engine Optimization, Web Forms, Interactive Maps, Virtual Tours with scrolling panoramas, Hosting management, Email setup, Online Stores, PayPal Integration and Custom Content Management Systems. For more detail on these options please refer to our list of services. For examples of our past work please refer to our Portfolio page. We can provide you with a no obligation quotation. Just go to our Request a Quote page to start this process off.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. So we will not send you the invoice until you are totally satisfied with the end product.

Our List of Website Design Services

Click on the links below to see more information on each of our design services:

CSS Based Websites - Graphic Design - Flash Presentations - Online Virtual Tours - Interactive Maps - Streaming Video - Search Engine Optimization - Web Forms - Online Stores - Content Management Systems - Hosting Sevices - Email Setup

CSS Based Websites

Our websites use Cascaded Style Sheets and are Standards compliant. We test our sites in a multitude of different web-browsers to ensure correct operation. back

Graphic Design

We have expertise in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and can cater for all the graphical design needs of your website. back

Flash Presentations

If a part of your website requires a Flash Presentation (be it an animated banner add, slide show or video clip) we can create these for you. back

Online Virtual Tours

This is Virtual Outdoor Adventures’ area of expertise. Full blown Virtual Tours are not appropriate for every website, but cut down versions (such as a panoramic shot of the inside/outside of a business premise) can often make an interesting addition to many websites. back

Interactive Maps

We can integrate Google maps into your site, but if you prefer to have something that stands out a little more we can create custom interactive (or non interactive) maps for inclusion on your site. back

Streaming Video

If you want to stream video clips onto your website we can do this. This can be made to work in “stand alone” mode meaning that we do not need “You Tube” or any other similar service to have a video feed. This is important if your videos contain commercial material because these types of clip are not permitted on services like “You Tube”. back

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Just because your website is on the internet it doesn’t mean that your customers will be able to find it. SEO is a very involved and time consuming process, with the goal being to increase the odds that internet surfers using popular search engines such as Google will be able to find your website. We can offer a wide range of SEO options for you. However, it must be understood that climbing the Google rankings for a particular search phrase cannot be achieved overnight, and requires a prolonged and concerted effort. In some cases (for particular very popular search phrases) achieving number #1 in the Google rankings will not be possible. Any SEO company that claims the contrary is simply not telling the truth. In some cases, paid online advertising may be the best path to exposure in the short term. back

Web Forms

Web forms are a great way to invite potential customers to contact you. They serve better than simple Email links as you have control over the information that is passed to you. This can help accelerate a relationship with a new customer. VOA web design can create online forms to cater for any need. back

Online Stores

Using the latest Flash technology we can create for you great looking online stores (see our B-line Appliances for an example). We can also set up the “back end” so that the funds from any online sales will be transferred directly into your PayPal account. back

Content Management Systems (CMS) for Online Stores

Manually updating your online store can be a cumbersome and time consuming process. We can create custom CMS packages that will allow you to update your store quickly, efficiently and easily. back

CMS for Web Content

In a typical web contact our customers would write the text to go into the site and we would then integrate that text into the site as part of our design process. If changes were needed down the road then these would be supplied to us and we would charge for the update work. This is fine if changes are seldom, but if they are often (i.e. your site has lots of dynamically changing content) then it makes sense to put in place a CMS capability right at the beginning. This will enable you to very easily change text and images yourself without any direct involvement from us. With more work at the front end this can be set up for you by us. back

Hosting Services & Domain Registration

If you do not currently have a company to host you website we can organize this all for you. Prices will vary according to the type of site, and the internet traffic expected, and so will be communicated as part of our quotation process. Part of this process is finding a suitable Domain Name and registering it for you. back

Email Set Up

Most new websites will have a new domain name, and it is likely that employees in your company will need their own company email address. We can set this up on your website host’s Email server. If need be we can also set up your email client machines to work with the host’s settings. Sometimes this isn’t a straightforward thing to do! back